Pratovecchio - Stia

There are places that are like books: you enter into them through the spirit of the word. Pratovecchio is one such place, a district where there is so much to see, discover and explore. You can pretty much find the true Casentino here. To be truly beautiful, a person from Casentino must be understood from the inside, not superficially, but deeply from within.

In this district there are places, like the church and castle of Romena, which are really worth visiting to attend a Mass; in particular the Sunday service at the ‘porto di vita della Fraternità’ created by Don Gigi. Famous in the whole of Italy now, this fraternity has helped various people from all walks of life, here they rest like ships saved from a storm and then leave in search of God and the world. The ‘Pieve di Romena’ church is also a place of history, art, beauty and forgiveness. The castle just above it, with its cypress lined driveway, is a charming place passed through by literary and poetry greats, visited by the bad and the good of the earth, kissed by the sun, worn out by time, but still alive.

Then there are the surrounding towns: every place a legend, every place a work of art. Casalino, where you can taste the ‘Abbucciato Aretino’ cheese, which is the product of thousands of years of taste and knowledge; Lonnano, Ama and its Etruscan ruins, the ‘via dei Legni’ (wood road), where the white fir trees were transported to Florence and Pisa, via the waters of the river Arno, where they became masts of ships that sailed the seas of the world or scaffolding for major works like the ‘Duomo’ of Florence.

The district of Pratovecchio-Stia is located in the north of Casentino and is a region with great historical and cultural interest, above all because it contains monuments such as the church and castle of Romena, which are of great beauty and value.








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