Poppi is a land of fairy tales, and one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. The town is an architectural gem, which you can visit all year round, with its castle, the colonnade leading up to the Badia di San Fedele, its walls, that hide secrets, history and legends. In spring and summer the streets are filled with scents, flowers, reflected light, voices and the songs of birds flying wildly over the battlements of the castle. All this makes the town a place to discover and explore.

A few kilometres away there are other places of interest such as; Badia Prataglia, the most populated town in the Casentino Forest National Park (Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi), a pleasant tourist destination, and the starting point of a constant cycle of excursions; Moggiona, the town of the ‘bigonai’ – barrel-makers for wine – and wolves; and Camaldoli with its Hermitage, a place of universal spirituality and a wealth of artwork unique to the world.

Vasari wrote ‘Pupium agri Clusentini caput’ under his fresco of the town in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. Poppi was the most important stronghold of medieval Casentino, dominating from a hill that rises up halfway down the valley on the right-hand bank of the river Arno. It boldly overlooks all of the land that stretches towards Romena and Bibbiena, defying everyone. During the days when fog envelopes the hills like a white sheet, the battlements of the ancient castle of the Guidi shine in the light, reminding us that, if ever there was a need, it is still in control.

The amazing thing is that this extremely high commanding post remains visible from every part of the valley; a symbol of regal beauty domineering the panorama. It is not surprising that Poppi has been named one of the most beautiful towns in Italy.









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