Montemignaio is a village to discover, a perfect place to stay, and an ideal place to think. It is surrounded by welcoming countryside, that mankind has shaped for centuries, while always respecting its equilibrium. Montemignaio is one of the last places you pass when you leave Casentino in the direction of Florence. Its castle, which dominates everything, stands proud above the mountainside dispersed with small simply-detailed houses, its main square, its neighbourhoods, everything is seemingly created to allow you a moment to relax. It is surrounded by spruce plantations; the most famous Christmas trees in Tuscany. To go to Montemignaio you can pass through either Strada in Casentino or the ‘Consuma’ mountain pass. Both roads are beautiful and restful as they are surrounded by nature; even if it is a bit long, the one that leads off the ‘Consuma’ really is incomparable. The countryside you come across is beautiful and simple: mountains, woods, the castle, the terraces that act as metaphors for life on this mountain. Once upon a time they tried to cultivate every tiny piece of available land for their and the communities livelihood.






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