Chiusi della verna

Chiusi della Verna is located at the base of the mountain where St. Francis received his stigmata in 1224, a moment celebrated in the XI Canto of Paradise by the Supreme Poet:


on the crude stone between Tevero and Arno

he took from Christ the last seal,

which his body bore for two years.


The ‘crude stone’ rises up and is visible from the whole valley. The attraction of the place with its limestone rocks and age-old trees, is made even more intense by the story of St. Francis. The natural elements, like mankind of all faiths, respect this place: when the whole of the Apennines are overshadowed by the darkness of an oncoming storm, the ‘crude stone’ rises shining into the sky.

It was in 1213 when Conte Orlando de’ Cattani donated La Verna to Francis of Assisi. The saint descended into the crevices of the rocks, using a cave as his home, and choosing a hard rock as a bed. For him this mountain was to be the place of true sacrifice. Two years before his death, Francis, whose body was already fragile and infirm, made his frail way one more time towards the place that, in his mind, was most strongly linked to the Crucifixion. This is a place where the spirit of St. Francis is still alive.

The district of Chiusi della Verna is an area that should be explored bit by bit. If the ‘Santuario Francescano’, where St. Francis of Assissi received his stigmata, is a place of strong mysticism where you can still live and breathe the spirit of the saint, then the rest of the district is no less impelling. To be discovered is Vallesanta, a valley, which sits in the shadows of the ‘Sasso Spicco’ of La Verna, and is composed of many stone villages built into the mountainside, which tell tales and voices from another era, which are easy to fall in love with forever, which you lose yourself in only to then discover yourself. 









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