Chitignano is the town of memories and water. A verdant corner of silence, it tells the story of a long ago battle for survival through contraband cigars. The town’s Ecomuseum provides a journey inside the community to discover ancient traditions and a desire to look ahead. The old castle of the Ubertini, which welcomes every tourist, and guides them into the town’s centre, is fascinating. Chitignano is also famous for its waters, which were once deemed magic and healing and are still the destination for continuous pilgrimages today. Chitignano is reached from Rassina, via a well-signposted route. Just before the town, your attention will be drawn to the fascinating structure of the Ubertini Castle, romantically surrounded by cypresses, next to the old magistrates headquarters. The town is famous for its mineral water springs, which naturally contain iron and sulphur, and are well known for their healing qualities. Noted from ancient times, they were valued by the count of Chitignano Pier Francesco Ubertini who, in 1638, described them in a report published in Florence.

The waters have a complex chemical composition and are known to have qualities capable of reactivating the digestive system, healing female illnesses and curing skin diseases.






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