Castel san niccolò

Castel San Niccolò is a stone town, and the town of stone. The age-old tradition of hand-carving this living material has its home here. That is how the ‘Mostra della Pietra lavorata’ (exhibition of stonecutting) came about; every other year, the event showcases the best examples of stonecutting not only from the town but from the whole of Italy. Generations of stonecutters, the inhabitants of Strada, keep the tradition alive today by passing it down to the younger generations.

As well as visiting the castle, which dominates the town of Strada from above, almost overpowering it with its sinister presence, the village of Pagliericcio is also well worth a visit – with the Grifoni mill and the magic of the millstones which are still used to make flour from local grains – and the town of Cetica and its surroundings where the cultivation of the ‘perla rossa’ was discovered, otherwise known as the Cetica potato.

It is a fairytale town with a Coal Workers Ecomuseum, tasting trails and festivals about the potato and the flavours of Casentino. In the silent streets you can often hear the echo of the metallic rhythm of hammers and chisels carving out an idea from rough stone. The region of Castel San Niccolò is full of beautiful and romantic, mysterious and delightful towns.








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