Experience the park

You can visit the park with pleasant excursions on foot, by mountain bike, on horseback or, during winter, with cross-country skis and snowshoes, along around 600km of pathways.

Alongside quite strenuous trekking routes through the territory of the ‘Parco 9 Sentieri Natura’, there are also short routes in easily accessible areas, where the visitor is encouraged to note the small details they encounter along the way, things that might escape anyone who comes unprepared and is not paying full attention. At Campigna and Badia Prataglia two fully accessible ‘Paths for all the senses’ have been built.

Visiting Centres are located throughout the territory, important places for access and orienteering information for visitors, each one designed around a specific theme linked to the area they are located. There are also information points aswell as the Visiting Centres.

Other structures in the park include: the ‘Botanical Garden of Valbonella’ (in the S. Sofia region), The ‘Siemoni Arboretum and Forestry Museum’ at Badia Prataglia, and the ‘G. Campadelli Forestry Museum’ at Campigna. There are also many picnic areas within the park with benches and tables, and some even have drinking water fountains.


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