Memory bank[DA TRADURRE]

The Memory bank of Poppi is a project run by the CRED service (Centre of Educational resources) and ‘Mediateca dell'Unione dei Comuni Montani del Casentino’ (Media centre of the union of mountain communities in Casentino), dedicated to collecting and preserving traditions and oral and intangible memories.

The project, started in the 1990s, involves collecting interviews, and over time has built up an audio-visual archive dedicated to cultural material, popular traditions and the history of 1900s. Some themes, such as the improvised Tuscan poems, old-fashioned arts & crafts, memories of war, traditional gastronomy, and popular and religious culture, have particular relevance in this archive.




Storia del 900

Antichi Mestieri

Cinema Familiare

Ottava Rima



banca memoria


Ecomuseo del Casentino

Via Roma 203, Ponte a Poppi (AR);

Tel.0575/507272-77; Fax 0575/507230;



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