The principal woodworking production process in the region, in the olden days, was of objects with a rural or functional use: farming carts, barrels, furniture and utensils. This ancient tradition is revisited every October (in years ending in odd numbers) with the exhibition ‘Le forme del Legno’ (Forms in Wood) in Pratovecchio (Ar), the headquarters of the Casentino Forest National Park. It pays homage to the things that allowed the valley to develop and its people to survive; developing cultural connotations and producing unique products that are now known all over the world. Carpentry still existents in some towns, for example Moggiona, in the district of Poppi, where the art of barrel making has overtaken that of furniture making. 

For further information, news and leaflets about the small traditional forestry industries, contactMUSEO DEL BOSCO E DELLA MONTAGNA (WOODS AND MOUNTAIN MUSEUM) in Stia and the BOTTEGA DEL BIGONAIO (BARREL MAKERS WORKSHOP) in Moggiona (Poppi) which is still linked to the manufacturing of wooden utensils.

Charcoal is also amongst the production processes linked to forests and woods, and is still produced in the town of Cetica, in the district of Castel San Niccolò.

For further information:  l’ECOMUSEO DEL CARBONAIO in Cetica.


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