Bagno di Romagna (FC)
Badia Prataglia (AR)
Loc. Grigiole-Paretaio (FC)

Bus service with guide during the tour.
• NEW! Bicycle rack.
• Guided tours of the entire Sasso Fratino Reserve, educational activity about the torrent and nature workshops.
• Links with Ridracoli Lake for excursions by motor boat and visits to the ‘Diga

Alla Lama’ dam….by bicycle and bus.

From this year it will be possible to reach the Lama dam using your own bicycle and use the shuttle bus to return, at the cost of the route.


To take part you are requested to make a booking by 12.00 the previous day.

You are reminded that on Sundays packed lunches are required at Lama, therefore participants must provide their own.
Visitor Centre of Badia Prataglia: Tel. 0575.559477
Visitor Centre of Bagno di Romagna: Tel. 0543.911046

Event Description

The Lama dam is reached by going along 20km of roads, closed to traffic, in the naturalistic heart of the National Park. Expert guides will tell stories and secrets about the place. At halfway, there will be a brief excursion into the forest, to the gate of the Sasso Fratino Reserve.

To take part you are requested to make a booking by 12.00 the previous day at the Visitor Centre of Badia Prataglia (Tel. 0575.559477) or the Visitor Centre of Bagno di Romagna (Tel. 0543.911046). Cost: Adults 10 Euro  (reductions for children).

Location and contacts:

Location: Badia Prataglia (Ar)

Contact: For info and bookings Visitor Centre of the park of Badia Prataglia: tel. O575.559477


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